Service Schedule

The waste collection service runs from Monday to Friday of every week including public holidays except for Good Friday and Christmas Day. If your collection day falls on these two holidays, your rubbish will be picked up the following day.  You can find out your collection day by finding your village on the table below or on the maps provided on this page.


'Āmaile Monday
Fanga-‘o-Pilolevu (East of Taufa'ahau Rd.) Monday
Halaleva Monday
Kolofo'ou Monday
Mailetaha Monday
Ma'ufanga (West of By-Pass Rd.) Monday
Pahu Monday
'Anana Tuesday
Fangaloto Tuesday
Fasi-moe-afi-‘a-Tungi Tuesday
Hala'ovave Tuesday
Hofoa Tuesday
Houmakelikao Tuesday
'Isileli Tuesday
Mataika Tuesday
Ma'ufanga (East of By-Pass Rd.) Tuesday
Ngele'ia Tuesday
Pātangata Tuesday
Popua Tuesday
Sopu-‘o-Taufa'ahau Tuesday
Tukutonga Tuesday
'Umusi Tuesday
Fatai Wednesday
Folaha Wednesday
Ha'akame Wednesday
Ha'alalo Wednesday
Kahoua Wednesday
Kapetā Wednesday
Kauvai Wednesday
Kolomotu'a Wednesday
Lakepa Wednesday
Lomaiviti Wednesday
Longolongo (North of By-Pass Rd.) Wednesday
Longoteme Wednesday
Makapaeo Wednesday
Masilamea Wednesday
Matafonua Wednesday
Matahau Wednesday
Matangiake Wednesday
Nukuhetulu Wednesday
Nukunuku Wednesday
Puke Wednesday
Sia'atoutai Wednesday
Te'ekiu Wednesday
Tofoa (East of By-Pass Rd.) Wednesday
Tongata'eapa Wednesday
Tufuenga Wednesday
'Utulau Wednesday
Vaini Wednesday
Afā Thursday
'Alakifonua Thursday
Ha'ateiho Thursday
Hoi Thursday
Kolonga Thursday
Lapaha Thursday
Longolongo (South of By-Pass Rd.) Thursday
Lotoha'apai Thursday
Makaunga Thursday
Manuka Thursday
Navutoka Thursday
Niutoua Thursday
Nukuleka Thursday
Pea Thursday
Talafo'ou Thursday
Talasiu Thursday
Tatakamotonga Thursday
Tofoa (West of By-Pass Rd.) Thursday
Tokomololo Thursday
Tu'atākilangi Thursday
Vaololoa Thursday
Veitongo Thursday
'Ahau Friday
Fahefa Friday
Fanga-‘o-Pilolevu (West of Taufa'ahau Rd.) Friday
Fatumu Friday
Fo'ui Friday
Fua'amotu Friday
Ha'asini Friday
Ha'atafu Friday
Ha'avakatolo Friday
Hamula Friday
Hā'utu Friday
Haveluliku Friday
Haveluloto Friday
Holonga Friday
Houma Friday
Kala'au Friday
Kanokupolu Friday
Kolovai Friday
Lavengatonga Friday
Liahona Friday
Malapo Friday
Nakolo Friday
Neiafu Friday
Pelehake Friday
Toloa Friday
Vaotu'u Friday