In May 2016, new regulations came into force, designed to change the way people dispose of their rubbish, penalizing those who do not do the right thing.

The Environment Management (Litter and Waste Control) Regulations 2016, gives new powers to take action against people who burn or dump their rubbish, or who litter. Under these regulations, police, environment officers, health inspectors and other designated officers, can issue notifications to clean up dumped waste or cease burning. They can also give on-the-spot fines to offenders.

Please think before you litter - the fine is $20.

For burning your waste? $50 up to $2000, depending on if the waste is deemed as hazardous.

And for dumping waste, the fines start at $100, and go up to $2000 for dumping hazardous waste.

These fines will work just like a speeding ticket. Once it has been issued, if you do not pay within the allocated time, you will receive a summons for a court hearing.

For a full copy of the Regulations, please go to

Please do the right thing with your rubbish and don’t trash Tonga’s precious environment. You may find it will cost you dearly.