Field trip for students from ‘Attele College, Form 3

Last week Tapuhia guided a field trip for students from ‘Attele  College, Form 3. The students were there to explore  the correct way to dispose of waste and how they could help to keep the environment clean.

The student’s topic was “Planet Earth & Beyond” they are to investigate some of the interconnecting processes that affect planet Earth such as:

- The cause and effects of global warming such as pollution in the environment and drought

- Explaining how global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer can be minimized

- Evaluate effects of global warming on the local community and suggest possible solutions for migration and adaptation

- How to reduce the problems caused by global warming, drought and pollution.

- Listing different types of pollution

It’s great to see the next generation of children being educated about a topic that will directly impact their lives. Our hope is that they will take what they’ve learnt home with them and implement it in their daily lives and educate their parents.

By reducing our carbon footprint and correct waste management we can all play a vital role in reducing our greenhouse emissions, we can do this by reducing our use of plastics. refusing plastics bags, choosing cans instead of plastic bottles and choosing local, package free products over imported items that require packaging and transport.