Building of Cell 2 at Tapuhia Waste Management Facility

The Tapuhia Landfill has now been opened since mid 2007. The site was designed in 4 stages, or cells. Cell No 1 is reaching its capacity at the current lift height. It is now timely to begin construction of cell no 2. The Asian Development Bank and AusAID, through the Nuku’alofa Urban Development Sector Project, are funding this contract.

The contract was awarded to BB Construction, who commenced works on site in October 2013. The works involve site clearance and excavation, the lining of the floor and walls of the cell with a base layer of clay, a geo-composite liner, a drainage layer and water drainage and collection system, and an upper clay layer. Construction needs to follow strict design criteria in order to protect the groundwater and surrounding environment of the site.

The works are expected to take up to 10 months.

Signing of the contract to construct Cell 2

Work underway for construction of Cell 2

Pouring slab for septage sludge treatment area