What's wrong with Dumping?

Dumping waste in Tonga persists as a problem, with waste dumped at beaches, roadsides, on bush allotments, and in the sea. Some people claim to be ‘filling’ their land, but what they are really doing is leaving a pollution legacy for future generations. Many types of wastes such as plastics and diapers take hundreds of years to break down.

Rubbish dumped on the beach

Poor waste management costs governments, businesses and the public significant money, for example in extra health care costs from polluted water and mosquito borne diseases, and loss of tourism revenue, to name but a few. Dumping and littering cause a loss of community pride and create a general unease about the ability of the government to deliver on services. It sends a message of not caring about our country – pollution in paradise. 

Rubbish dumped next to the mangroves