The Waste Management Act 2005 is the legislation that was developed to establish Waste Authority Ltd (WAL) and to provide the legal framework for waste management operations.

This Act was amended in 2009 to make some minor improvements with the Waste Management Amendment Act 2009.

In addition, the Plastic Levy Regulation 2013 was developed to create a levy for various plastic packaging items such as plastic takeaway containers and plastic bags. The 10% levy, payable on import of the plastic goods, helps fund the large costs associated with these particular types of waste. Plastics in the environment create marine pollution, exacerbate poor drainage, and impact on the beauty of Tonga, and hence its potential as a tourist destination. The levy aims to change peoples’ buying behaviours through the rise in prices. It also assists Waste Authority Ltd to deliver long term sustainable waste management services.

You can find the complete list of legislation for WAL on our downloads page.