Our Board of Directors


Carl Sanft   
Mr. Carl Sanft
Chairman - Tonga Power Ltd / Waste Authority / Tonga Water Board 
Director    - O.G Sanft & Sons Limited / Port Authority
Memeber  - Petroleum Tariff Reduction  Working Group 
Dr.Nailasikau Halatuituia-Deputy Chairman -Tonga Water Board /Waste Authority Limited


Sione Taione

Mr.Sione Taione   Director of the Board

Fuiva Kavaliku


Fuiva Kavaliku 
Director        - Tonga Markets Cooperation Ltd / Tonga Water Poard / Waste Authority Limited
Coordinator  - Tonga National Center for Woman & Children 
Accessor      - Superme Count


Director  Pacific International Commercial Bank Ltd | 
  Tonga Water Board | Waste Authority Limited
Managing A.E & H.H .N Tuiono Public Chartered 
Partner Accountant (CPPA)
Vice President Tupou High School Ex Student